Castle of Anet

Left wing - Castle of Anet - FranceThis castle was built in the XVIth century near the Eure river by Philibert Delorme for Diane of Poitiers, Mistress of the King Henri II. Two among the three original wings were teared down after the French Revolution. It remains only one wing, the chapel and a monumental porch inspirated by the Farneze palace in Roma, with on top several bronze statues of animals symbolising the Diane's passion for the hunt.

Near the castle, there is the tomb of Diane of Poitiers, in a little chapel. After its profanation during the Revolution, the corpse rests today in the graveyard of Anet.

The first time I visited the castle, the entry porch was being done up, the stag and the dogs was down in the courtyard. So I had the intention to visit Anet again to offer views of this part that makes the spendor of the castle. It is done now and you can see the photos at the end of the gallery.



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