Limousis - Cabrespine

Cave of Limousis - FranceNear Carcassonne, the massif of the "Montagne Noire" holds two spectacular speleologic sites.

The cave of Limousis is very beautiful and is mainly known by the specialists for its aragonit concretions. Their caracteristic is to form an infinite number of little needles in all directions. In the cave of Limousis an aragonit ceiling mass reaches gigantic dimensions: 4 metres height and 10 metres width.

Not far away from Limousis, another cave in Cabrespine has unique huge dimensions: more than 400 metres in depth and more than 120 metres in diameter. A colossal hole inside the mountain we can admire as a tourist from a well designed platform, or in a more sportive way by participating to an half-day speleologic trekking down to the bottom of the cave.