Lugano lake

Morcote - Lugano Lake - SwitzerlandEurope has also its Great Lakes area between Switzerland and Italy with the lake Maggiore, the Como lake and the Lugano lake.

The shape of the Lugano lake and the surrounding wooden mountains allow to admire natural and wild landscapes. The narrow band between the mountain and the lake is punctuated by coloured villages and lets see superb villas in their frame of magniolias and pink bay-trees.

Although a road goes round the lake, the best points of view are obviously offered from the lake itself and cruising tours are possible several times per day with departure in Lugano and make stopover in the main villages.

So we can sail around the point of Morcote and stay ashore for a walk under the cypresses of this nice village in terraces, dominated by its splendid baroque church.

In Lugano, the edges of the lake allow shaded walks between full colored flowerbeds. We can also see pretty frontages, and a lot of villas in their landscape gardens as the famous Villa Favorita in the east of the town.


Panoramics: Lugano lake

Panoramics: Lugano lake

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