Park of Sceaux

Castle of Sceaux - FranceA few kilometres southern Paris, the park of Sceaux is a heaven of greenery with 181 ha completely closed. Lined by 4 municipalities: Sceaux, Bourg la Reine, Antony and Chatenay-Malabry, this is where the joggers and the walkers meet in search of space and of peace.

In the XVth century the domain exists for the first time and the first castle is built in 1597. Jean Baptiste Colbert, the illustrious minister of Louis XIV, acquires it in 1670 and orders big works in the castle. He confides the building of gardens to Le Nôtre. Later, the marquess of Seignelay, son of Colbert, makes dig the Grand Canal and makes build one orangery.

During the French Revolution, the castle is destroyed and the artworks are scattered, certain are now in the Louvre museum or in the gardens of Tuileries and Luxembourg.

The duke of Trévise inherits from the domain in 1828 and in 1856 made rebuild the castle such as we see it today. Then the domain is sold to the department of the Seine in 1923, the big Waterfall is built in 1930 by Léon Azema. Since 1937, the castle shelters the museum of Ile de France.


Panoramics: Castles of Ile de France: Fontainebleau, Marly le Roi, Sceaux, Courances, Coubertin.

Panoramics: Castles of Ile de France

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