Rhine valley

Rhine valley - GermanyBetween Mayence and Coblence, the Rhine flows in a narrow and deep valley. The powerfull river gets its way meandering in narrow gorges or between less steep inclines covered with woods or vineyards. At each curve a new landscape appears, each flat zone along the river is occupied by little fortified towns, with white towers and facades, often overhanged by one or several castles.

In most places the valley gives place only to the river and to a narrow road and a railway on each bank. No bridge on the way, but number of little ferries cross the river.

Midway, the Loreley rock overhang the narrowest gorge, the famous cliff sang by the poet Heine. Its name comes from those of an evil undine who, as said the legend, distracted the boatmen with her songs and dances and precipitated their boats on the reeves.

Today the traffic is heavy, many cruising boats and barges follow and pass each over in an ininterrupted ballet.