Statues of Versailles

Sleepy Ariane - Van Clève (1688)With not less than 200 statues of white marble and more than 150 sculptured vases, the park of the Versailles castle is the biggest outdoors museum of world.

Few guests take time to stop in front of these unique works (or simply the constraints of their visit forbid them such a stroll).

This page presents 71 statues of the park and will be enriched by the missing works as soon as possible. It's useful to know that in winter the stone statues are protected against the frost and thus are not visible at this time of year.

I wish you a pleasant virtual visit... and do not miss the occasion to walk really in this splendid park.

Notes: the satellite views linked with the photos of this gallery are provided with a marker showing exactly the position of the statue in the park.