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Castle of Chambord

Without any doubt the most beautiful castle of the Loire Valley, Chambord impresses the visitor when it rises like a marvellous vessel of white stone in the middle of an immense empty space of green grass.

Built by François I, the plans are attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, its design is distinguished by its magnificent double-return stairs and by the numerous chimneys, turrets and dormer windows which seem to lift it up towards the sky. It was completed under the reign of Louis XIV. The dimensions defy the imagination: a facade 156 m long and a height of 56 m.

The domain in the heart of the Sologne forest is encircled by a 32 kilomètres long wall. It is the largest enclosed forest park in Europe.

All along the time, the domains was the setting for somptuous celebrations. This tradition is kept alive today by the enchanting performances held at the estate.

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