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Castle of Courson

About thirty kilometers southern Paris, nested in a magnificent park, stays the castle of Courson-Monteloup.

The castle is perfectly integrated in the park landscape, designed at the origin between the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries by the famous landscape gardener Louis-Martin Berthault, then restyled by the brothers Denys et Eugène Bühler and finally by Ernest de Caraman during the XXth century.

The park features a lot of hundred-year old trees of various species, artistically planted around a pictorial gold-colored pond. The underwood is scattered with rhododendrons, magnolias et numerous other bushes with full colored flowers and leaves. In springtime there is a festival of flowers and in automn a firework of red and yellow foliages.

Aside, in a large open space, a sequoia planted around 1860 overangs the park with its impressive silhouette.

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