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This domain, built on the site of an ancient leper hospital, that gave its name (in french, Malmaison means something like "Bad house"), is mainly known to have been owned by the empress Joséphine, the Napoléon Bonaparte's wife.

Very endebted at the end of her life, Joséphine dead in Malmaison in 1814. This manor was also the last refuge for the emperor just before he left for his exile in Saint Hélène in 1815. Later the castle has been wrecked and its treasures scattered. Today many artwork pieces are back and the main house shelters a museum devoted to the imperial couple and their family.

An amazing veranda as doorway having a form of a military tent remembers the numerous campaigns of the emperor.

The park has been largely split into housing estates during the XIXth century. A reduced but pleasant part remains with nice trees, an orchard and a rose garden.

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