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Castle of Peyrepertuse

As a huge stone vessel at the top of a cliff at an altitude of near 800 metres, the ruins of Peyrepertuse are perhaps the most spectacular of the cathar castles.

The site was occupied as soon as the first century BC. A castle exists from the XIth century.

During the Crusade against the Albigeois, Guillaume of Peyrepertuse resists and is excommunicated in 1224. He only submits in 1240. Then the castle becomes a French King's possession. In 1250, Saint Louis orders the building of the Sant-Jordi dungeon and of the stairs that give access to it.

In 1542, the castle is occupied again by Jean de Graves, in the name of the Reform, then quickly retaken.

The site is abandonned at the beginning of the French Revolution and sold as national good in 1820.

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