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Castle of Queribus

Put on an abrupt rock like "a thimble on a finger", the castle of Quéribus has a particularly stong defensive position. Its amazing silhouette is visible from far around and from the top of the dungeon we have a view from the Mediterranean see to the Pyrenées mountains and the Corbières.

The first mention to the presence of a castle at Queribus goes back to the beginning of the XIth century. During the Crusade against the Albigeois, it shelters cathar religious. Quéribus is the last citadel taken by the crusaders in 1255.Then, it becomes a part of the french kingdom under the Saint Louis's reign..

During a century it was a master piece of the french defence plan against the Aragon kingdom. The base was the fortified citadel of Carcassonne and its 5 "sons": Quéribus, Aguilar, Peyrepertuse, Puilaurens et Termes..

The castle was completely rebuilt during the XIIIth and XIVth centuries.

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