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Birds of the Marquenterre

The bay of Somme is the largest natural estuary of the English Channel. In the heart of the Natural Reserve, the ornithological park of Marquenterre offers to the visitor initiated or not a unique place of observation of the birds in their natural space on more than 3000 ha.

Arranged perfectly in paths dug in the sandy benches separating the brackish or soft water ponds, it offers 13 observatories from where everybody can see the birds without disturbing them. With naked eye, or with binoculars or telescope, the spectacle of nature is everywhere, you can see common or rare species cohabiting within a splendid and preserved space. More than 280 species were observed there.

Several paths are offered to the visitor. The first part of the park gathers the least savage species, geese and ducks cross your way very close for the great amazement of the children. Further, wild species are visible from the observation posts distributed along the way.

The park does not know a dead season. Nesting, stage of migration or winter refuge, each season accomodate its lot of various species. Do not hesitate to spend a full day there, it will be well filled. Close to the entry, a restaurant enables you to have lunch without leaving the park.

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