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Chevreuse valley

The Chevreuse Valley is a very nice place at 30 km south-west of Paris and 10 km from Versailles. Near these two prestigious towns, it was in the 17th century the place where the great thinkers of this era gathered, around Blaise Pascal and Jean Racine in the Port Royal abbey. These philosophers started the early stages of the French Revolution. But they darkened the light of the Sun King (Louis XIV) who commanded the destruction of the abbey in 1711. Today, the only remains are the dovecote and an outbuiding so-called "Les Granges" used as a museum.

Today mainly protected by Regional Park rules, this place with few buildings despite the vicinity of Paris, keeps its attraction with a lot of woodland and natural or artificial ponds, dug out in the 17th century to provide for the waterworks at Versailles.

Well known by the sunday walkers, by the fans of cycling or by the mountain bike riders, this plateau shaped by number of small rivers presents various landscapes of meadows, fields and woodland with picturesque villages and quite a few castles and parks.

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