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Vaux de Cernay abbey

Founded in the beginning of the XIIth century, the Vaux de Cernay abbey has met quickly a great prosperity and has been at the origin of several other abbeys, like Port Royal a few kilometres away.

It has been lead by abbots having a great influence, friends and counsellors of the French Kings. One of them, Thibault de Marly friend of Saint Louis King has been canonised as Saint Thibault.

In the XVth century, the abbey suffered a lot of plundering by armed bands and has lost its splendour little by little until a total state of abandon at the French Revolution. In 1792, it was sold to a general who destroyed the buildings with explosives.

The abbey had been remaining in ruins until the Baroness of Rothschild bought it by the end of the XIX century. She saved the ruins of the church and restored a part of the buildings.

Today the domain is transformed in a prestige hotel and restaurant in the middle of a beautiful park inviting to calm walks around the pond. We can admire the ruins of the church and the long monk's room with its ogive vault.

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