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The blog


Basque Coast - France
23, 2023

Why add a blog to this site?

Since its origin, this site is dedicated to photography and it will remain so. Nevertheless, many of these photos were taken during my travels and the comments of the galleries, dedicated to a given monument, a city or a specific place are insufficient to give an overview of these travels.

This blog will be a way to let you know my impressions or experiences about the countries or beautiful places I visited. Of course, I don’t pretend to compete with bloggers who specialize in tourist reviews, but I hope that the small articles I can write will be useful to those who are seduced by my photos and would like to visit these same places.

To avoid spam and the constraints imposed by the European regulations on personal data (GDPR), I have not allowed comments on my articles. However, if you wish to contact me, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page.

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