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Castles of Lastours

In the "Montagne Noire" massif, the site of Lastour features four castles: Quertinheux, Surdespine, Tour Régine et Cabaret, perched on a ridge that overlook the valley from more than 300 metres. A viewpoint on the opposite side permits to embrasse an impressive panorama. A steep path allows to reach the castles from the bottom of the valley..

The surrounding mountains, rich in metallic ore, has been exploited from the Roman era. The occupation of Cabaret dates back to the VIth century. It gave the name Cabardès to this region of the east of the "Montagne Noire". During the Cathar's time, only three castles exist, the Régine tower will be built later. During the Crusade against the Albigeois, Cabaret is besieged early from 1209 by Simon de Montfort. After several long sieges and truces, Cabaret surrenders definitively in 1229..

After the Crusade, the castles are rebuilt and became a part of the France Kingdom, the Régine tower is built at this time.

In the XVIth century, the castles are temporarily occupied by the Protestants who will be dispelled in 1591. Finally, the castles were abandonned at the French Revolution.

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