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Prague - Czech Republic

"Prague, this rich, this gigantic epic poem of the architecture..." as wrote Rainer Maria Rilke. " Prague, the city with hundred towers...". Adjectives and fascinated descriptions do not miss. I shall add modestly "Prague, a paradise for the photographers", let's say that the finger leaves only rarely the shutter-release button, every step offers a new angle, a new perspective. Be careful on the dizziness looking to the right, to the left and upward, even the small pavements of the old town are a part of the spectacle.

Every time left treasures of architecture: from the Gothic to the New Art, across of the Classic and the omnipresent Baroque. At the crossing path of several influent peoples and religions, the city pulled all the substance of this nutrient broth. And preserved it until today, in spite of the wars, the heavy Soviet uniformity and the push of the modern world.

But which amazes the most it is the fantastic admixture of the architectures. Obviously, certain parts of the town have major characters, but everywhere, in the bend of an alley, an unexpected jewel can surprise you. As if the love of the Czechs for the music had transposed in the composition of the city, in a varied harmony without dissonances.

Thanks to Elisabeth for her photo of "Ginger und Fred", the dancing house.

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