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The Danube is the second river in Europe (after the Volga), but its location gave it during the history of major importance. It flows in 10 countries and crosses 4 capitals.

Unlike other rivers, the distance is calculated from the delta in the Black Sea to its source in the Black Forest in Germany. I can only recommend candidates for a cruise on the river to go this way. Firstly the river is wild and powerful from the Delta, listed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, to the Iron Gates. Then its becomes civilized upstream and offers crescendo splendors of the capital Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna.

The gallery opens on the lower part, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Serbia, up to the Iron Gates. Upstream the river gives up its majesty to the cities which it crosses. You can continue your journey by discovering them in the galleries Towns on the Danube.

Upstream to Vienna, the Danube crosses an attractive hilly region called the Wachau, which is not without reminding the Rhine valley.

If you just desire to cruise on this majestic river, you can find here a link to the website of the company Croisi-Europe, which allowed me to shot these photos and to share them.

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